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  • Finding Another Way!

    Finding Another Way!

    Life isn’t always all rosy for everyone. Life is harder for some people than it is for others and that’s okay and some other things are okay as well even though a lot of people say otherwise. It’s okay to want more for yourself, aspire to be on the same level as people you look…



    In recent times, a lot has been happening leaving most people in a state of fear and panic but one awesome thing that baffles me is how amidst all the happenings, we still go about our day to day activities because I mean, we have to survive regardless. We all don’t know how strong we…



    2019 sure has been a great year. I’m sure we all at some point learned, loved, grew, got better, experienced ups and down, got worked up, cried, laughed, enjoyed, kept malice, forgave, expected, received, helped, made new friends, met families, broke up with friends, ended relationships, got married, got separated, and lots more. But the…