Finding Another Way!

Life isn’t always all rosy for everyone. Life is harder for some people than it is for others and that’s okay and some other things are okay as well even though a lot of people say otherwise.

It’s okay to want more for yourself, aspire to be on the same level as people you look up to. It’s perfectly fine to cry when you feel like things aren’t working out despite the efforts you genuinely put in, you feel completely demoralized and unmotivated to continue on the journey towards achieving greatness. Sometimes you zone out of everything and everyone and just want to be left alone, it’s fine to feel and experience all those things and even more but you can’t remain in your position of despair forever.

It’s okay to feel that way sometimes, It’s okay to let it all out emotionally, It’s okay to be in your feelings sometimes. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Life is a struggle, It’s a jungle out there. In all, always try not to be too hard on yourself.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Dust yourself up and keep going. Lots of people do not look like what they are going through because wearing a smile is the option they have made a conscious choice to choose every new day.

In pursuit of a comfortable life, wealth or whatever the end goal of the journey you are on is, while the struggle, need, focus and pursuit might be different, always remember to:

  • Take a deep breath and take care of yourself.
  • Give yourself the credit you deserve.
  • Keep pushing even when the road seems bumpy.
  • PRESERVE your sanity – Surround yourself with friends and family you love.
  • Avoid negative vibes either in form of people or environment.
  • Choose yourself over and over again and once more for the culture.
  • Love 🙂 – It sincerely is a beautiful thing.
  • Relax, “Problem no dey finish my dears”.

When it all eventually pays off, you would be able to look back and still be proud of yourself. Keep pushing, you are doing just fine.

If one way isn’t working out, do not forget to find another way. Trust me, there is always another way just relax and figure it out. ❤️ ❤️



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2 responses to “Finding Another Way!”

  1. Ugochi Avatar

    In other words count your blessings starting from “You”…♥️♥️…love this

    1. Nancy Okonkwo Avatar
      Nancy Okonkwo


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