Long Time Coming

Five years ago, I graduated from the university and I stopped looking forward to my birthdays.

It’s been a great struggle because I was scared of getting old 🙂

Oh yes, I’m one of those people who write down what they want to achieve before they clock a particular age because I believe dreams come true for those who wake up early to pursue them and “Early” for me meant “Age”

After NYSC, I spent most of my time worrying than finding solutions. One year past without a job and all I did was worry.

2 weeks after my 20th birthday, I got my first job after NYSC at Hotels.ng which is still the best place I’ve ever worked.

I grew up in an environment where I had no access to people with good education and everything a growing child needs to be “well grounded” (even though I went to one of the best schools in my area).

Hotels.ng was an eye opener for me because:

I met great and smart people.
I finally understand there is more to life than worrying without working.
I came off that thinking of accepting what life throws at me.
I even learnt how to write pitch emails instead of applying for jobs that you might never be called for.
I learnt new stuff in the different departments I worked. I could go on and on.

Then I realised my growing up was a joke because I was in the dark. I spent so much time at work and with my colleagues that I forget to go home. Nobody understood the reason behind that, they just assumed it was because my home was far from the office. No, I just got so used to my new found life and environment and didn’t want to be out even for a second.

I’m 23 years old today, and I can boldly say I’ve found that part I want to excel in and I’m working so hard towards making it a reality. So help me God. Not like the old me that sat, cried and worried a lot.

I wasn’t scared of today. Instead, I was happy and thankful to God for loving me unconditionally and thanks to Mahal Ko for being there and making me feel like the best being in the world. For believing in me and supporting my dreams and for being the best thing that has happened to me in recent times. I love you more than words could ever say.

Thank you Mark Essien for being a wonderful boss and a Mentor and for always bringing out the best in people. More blessings to you and your beloved family.

Thank you Yemi Johnson for being a great friend and for teaching me most of the things I know and for being there when I needed a friend the most. I can never forget you Yems. More blessings and achievements to you and everyone around you.

To these wise men, friends turn brothers Yinka Omole and Wale Martins. I could write a whole book about them. My husband material and more. Thank you so much guys. I love you both so much and I wish you both the best in life and more.

Hmm Femi Fawole. I never thought I would ever be friends with this man. I didn’t like him at first until I got to know him (don’t be too fast to judge people). He is a wonderful friend to have (bae is lucky to have you). Thank you Femi for being super supportive all the way. God bless you now and always and grant your heart desires.

Thank you Barrister Magnus for your unending support and love. I can’t wait to slay at your wedding. God bless you always and your beloved family.

To Ezinna Nwodoh for making me know hotels.ng and being a great friend. God bless you now and always and grant your heart desires.

To these wonderful ladies and friends turn sister Abigial OshoVivian OkenuOmolara Alade-DaudaNnenna AgbaezeImmaculate OdekinaAdebusayomi AmaoKorie EzinneToluwanimi Ajewole and Bukola Bisuga. I love them so much and I wish you all the best in life and more.

I want to appreciate everyone who took out time to wish me well and those yet to send their wishes. I love you all and wish you the best.

Yes, my friends are very few but I’m lucky to have the best people in my life.

No time is too late to pursue your dreams and start something new. Always be ready and willing to learn and never give up.

PS: I found love again.






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