It’s Worth Your Time

Have you ever been in a situation where everything appears easy because you accepted what life throws at you but gets really hard when you decide to go for what you want? Well, you are not alone. I just want you to know that the problem is NOT you as long as you are sure you are putting in the required effort to be where you want to be.

Imagine going for a job interview for a position that is not related to your career goals and ace the interviews every single time. The organization practically begs you to resume as soon as possible and of course you’re happy because you’ve finally gotten a job then few months into the job, as much as you try to enjoy your job, you realize you are still not happy because hard times made you accept what life threw at you and not what you really wanted.

The other scenario is where you decide to go for what you really want. You take courses, build yourself and develop your skills and you start applying for jobs, months into it and you are not getting responses for interviews and the few interviews you go for, you don’t get a call back even after knowing you did great.

Situations like these can utterly demoralize you, it can drastically reduce your self-confidence, it can end motivation, to some people, it can lead to depression, even questions like “What did you do today?” becomes so annoying to your ears. That people around you keep telling you things like; “it’s not that deep”, “stop worrying”, “put more effort”, etc. This is me telling you its okay to vent out your anger, cry it out if you need to but do not spend too much time crying because you have to go back to work 🙂

Know that:

  • You have a lot of figuring out to do.
  • You have to keep trying.
  • Crying and venting out your anger helps for that moment and the next minute, you are faced with your reality.
  • Worrying doesn’t help, it only takes away your time and messes with your self-esteem.
  • You have to remind yourself always that you are not doing anything wrong most of the time.
  • You are not being punished.
  • You are not cursed.
  • You are not less of a person than anyone.
  • You do not have a problem.

Do not stop learning. Keep building and investing in yourself, improve your skills and be very good at them. Go out, meet people and grow your network. Reach out to people. Pitch yourself as much as possible.

In the end, you are your greatest motivation. Keep pushing. It’s okay to admire what others are doing and getting and it’s okay to want it too but it’s not okay to compare yourself or feel less of yourself. Reach out to those people you admire, talk to them and learn from them.

The only thing you can change is how you deal with those situations you CAN’T control.






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