The merriam-webster dictionary defines having a big heart as “To be kind and Generous”. I believe it goes way beyond that, it means that:

  • You trust easily.
  • You are selfless.
  • Your shoulder is always available for people to cry on.
  • You feel sympathy even for people you have never met.
  • You feel emotional pain more than other do.
  • You put others before yourself in most cases.
  • You let people into your space.
  • You love genuinely.
  • You are most times described as sensitive.
  • You are always ready to listen to and advise people.
  • You forgive easily.
  • You are always willing to give people the benefit of doubt.

And I commend you because despite the way the world is setup and people taking you for granted,

  • They take your kindness for weakness.
  • They think they have a say about your life.
  • They manipulate you.
  • They deceive you.
  • They use you.
  • They feel like the winner in every scenario and tag you the loser.
  • They play the victim card in every situation knowing you’d give them a shoulder to cry on.
  • When you make a mistake, they act like you are not allowed to.

The truth is no one know you more than you know yourself. You are doing great, You are YOU and you are a great person. Those people that hurt you represents that hard time that LIFE brings to mess around with your peace of mind. When you make a mistake, admit it and don’t beat yourself too hard because you are human and you are not in any way perfect.

Not everyone in the world deserves you. Do not stop being you, there are people out there that deserve you. It is very okay to have a BIG HEART.

You just might be the therapy someone needs to stay alive so hang in there.

Here’s to turning your lemons into lemonade 🍹!



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8 responses to “HEARTFULNESS”

  1. Eke vivian Avatar
    Eke vivian

    This is inspiring 😘

    1. Nancy Okonkwo Avatar
      Nancy Okonkwo

      Thank you, Vivian 😘

  2. Debby Avatar

    Interesting .

    1. Nancy Okonkwo Avatar
      Nancy Okonkwo

      Thank you, Debby 🤗

  3. رضوان الله Avatar
    رضوان الله

    First impression, I’m impressed + inspired! I’m definitely sharing this one.

    1. Nancy Okonkwo Avatar
      Nancy Okonkwo

      Thank you so much 😁

  4. Manny Avatar

    Nice read

    1. Nancy Okonkwo Avatar
      Nancy Okonkwo

      Thank you! 😁

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